Death of Tebowmania: Twelve People Show Up at Tebow Rally in Jacksonville

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It's over. It's all over.
"I share your sentiment. When is the next time Jacksonville is gonna have an athlete like Tim Tebow?" -- Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, responding to a caller on a Jacksonville talk show just before the Super Bowl in 2012

Back then, the talk wasn't about whether or not Tim Tebow could play quarterback in the NFL, but where his next landing spot would be.

On March 22, 2012, after a trade to the New York Jets from the Denver Broncos hit a contract related snag, it was reported that Tebow had a choice -- he could accept the trade to the Jets or accept a trade to his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars.

At the time, the Jags were floundering, coming off of Year 1 of the Blaine Gabbert Era which played to very little critical praise in front of square yards beyond square yards of tarp covering entire sections in the Jags home stadium. New ownership and Tebow's immense, seemingly unconditional popularity in his hometown pointed toward Jacksonville being an ideal spot for the local hero. There, he could complete fifty percent of his passes and go 5-11 every season with no fear of reprisal.

Of course, Tebow chose to go to the Jets and the rest is some really awful history if you're a Tebow sycophant.

Tebow went to the Jets with hopes that a) New York would provide a bigger, broader platform for his off the field endeavors (spiritual and commercial) and b) he could at least blend in as a change-of-pace quarterback and, deep down, perhaps take over as the starter once Mark Sanchez eventually impaled himself on the ass of one of his offensive linemen as he tried to scramble.

Well, it didn't work out that way. Not even close.

Like the rest of the Jets, Tebow endured a miserable 2012 season, appearing in 12 games and never starting a single one, despite Sanchez's finishing 31st among starting quarterbacks in passer rating. Eventually, Tebow was dropped by the Jets in late April with very little fanfare.

Of course, we all know what happened from there -- signed by the Patriots in June as a favor from Bill Belichick to Urban Meyer, Tebow floundered through the preseason and was eventually cut when the Patriots had to reduce their roster to 53, effectively putting a cap on the NFL career of one Timothy Tebow (at least as long as he insists on playing quarterback).

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PC Cavazos
PC Cavazos

some must revel in others misfortune and defeat, no surprise here HP

Thomas Hanks
Thomas Hanks

I think they've posted it at least 3 times so far.


Twelve people...Twelve do the math.


Tebow continues to sabotage himself.  He was supposedly offered to play a different position by another NFL team, but he refused.  What a lot of people don't know is that according to Slate a few years ago, Tebow and his father wanted him to be a starting NFL quarterback to promote their "faith."  Well, you see how that worked out...

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