Dead Baby in Goodwill Trash Can: Autopsy Results Could Take Four Weeks

Categories: Crime

How did this baby die?
Police say it could take up to four weeks to determine the cause of death of a newborn baby discovered in a Goodwill trash can in Webster last Friday night.

Autopsy results "could mean the difference between abandonment charges versus the improper disposal of a body by the mother," whom police are questioning, according to KHOU.

More from the story: "The disturbing discovery was made by an employee who entered the store's bathroom to clean it. She told investigators she noticed blood on the floor and then realized a child was in the trash when she went to remove the bag."

Also, "little is known about the infant, including gender. Little is also known about the mother, including whether she was an employee at the store or a customer."

We hope the autopsy results will be in before four weeks; we'll keep you posted.

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