The Matt Schaub Jersey Barbecue

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His jersey wasn't on fire...yet.
"But I put him in a bad situation, not running the ball there, trying to be aggressive, trying to make a play and we didn't. And it ended up killing us." -- Gary Kubiak on the Seahawks' interception returned for the game tying touchdown against the Texans

After the Texans' maddening 23-20 overtime loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, Gary Kubiak was in typical "Kubiak mode," absorbing blame like some sort of contrition sponge, doing whatever he could to shield his quarterback Matt Schaub from the inevitable critical onslaught from fans and media, a siege which Sunday escalated to the point where some fans were actually burning Schaub replica jerseys in the Reliant Stadium parking lot.

As we all know, when lighter fluid becomes a key element in how you express your emotions on a topic, you're in a pretty bad place. (Also, you're a loser. This is a fact.)

The Texans right now are in a pretty bad place, and I don't mean 2-2 trailing the Colts and Titans in the AFC South. I mean big picture, long term, in the pursuit of anything substantial.

Because this franchise, with an elite defense and a Hall of Fame wide receiver whose clock is ticking, is stuck in the land of the decently relevant wannabes trying to carry its head coach and quarterback on its back like a couple of one ton boulders.

If you're looking for two plays in the Texans' 23-20 overtime loss to the Seahawks yesterday that encapsulate the exact reason why the Texans will never go anywhere that really matters with Matt Schaub as their quarterback, I'll point you to two plays in overtime:

* Texans ball, 1st and 10 at their own 49 yard line.
Seattle's defensive line gets some pressure up the middle, and rather than make any move at all using his feet Matt Schaub relents into the fetal position to take a nine yard sack, effectively ending the drive. (The next two plays were an incomplete short pass to Keshawn Martin and a harmless, glacial five yard scramble by Schaub.)

* Seahawks ball, 2nd and 4 at their own 37 yard line.
The Texans' defensive line gets a similar push and brings pressure on Wilson. In virtually the same tight quarters which had Schaub crumbling into a heap, Wilson was able to roll to his left with speed, get to the corner and gain seven yards for a first down, keeping the chains moving on the drive that ended with the game winning field goal.

Running an NFL offense is a messy business, and rarely do things go perfectly. In today's NFL, the good quarterbacks have something to fall back on when the script is suddenly amended by the opposing defense. Call it their special "superhero power."

Wilson and Colin Kaepernick have their mobility. Aaron Rodgers is mobile and has a cannon to make off schedule throws to any part of the field. Tom Brady has his sixth sense pocket presence. Peyton Manning may as well be calling the plays for the offense and the defense. Every good quarterback has something.

Matt Schaub has nothing. He has no superhero powers.

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I'm  a Seattle fan viewing websites to see Houston's reaction to a game that the Hawks were very lucky to win.

And I find that I would be very happy to never find myself on the wrong end of Mr. Pendergast's pen. If he is always this good, you must have fun reading around here.

Good luck the rest of the season, hope to see you in the Super Bowl if J.J. Watt slips on the sidewalk and breaks his leg the week before.


Why is everybody so down on Schaub all of a sudden. He's not doing a single thing differently than he has for the last seven seasons. If you remember, he was hired for his golf game by Kubiak, so what did you expect?

i've been labeled a hater, probably rightfully so, for pointing this stuff out ever since he arrived, but now it looks like everybody else is on MY page.

i'll take your apologies now.

Michael Terry
Michael Terry

Kubiak will change the play with 5 seconds on the play clock and you can see the wtf look in schaubs face. When he threw that pick 6 that is exactly what happened. Schaub had to run half wAy to the sideline and then had no time to setup the play that kubiak called. Burn kubiaks hair!

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

The Texas Rugby season is about to start. Could always support the local team, Houston Athletic Rugby Club (HARC)


Dang, Sean, that's a tough (but true) Monday morning sermon. That's the hardest language you've ever used on Schaub, I believe, and you made your point well enough that it's not just piling on.


It's all schaub, kubiak didn't hold hand to throw it.

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