Are You Ready for Christmas? Cuz Bering's Hardware Is.

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Photo by Brittanie Shey
Oh, Tannenbaum.
While you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend, Bering's Hardware would like to remind you that Christmas is only 114 days away.

The store at Westheimer and Fountain View has not one, but THREE Christmas trees already on display. Never mind the fact that this picture was taken last week when it was A) still August, B) still officially summer and C) still unofficially summer (since Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer).

A friend of Hair Balls told us that while the trees don't have any ornaments on them yet, they will soon, and each tree ("they have several") will be decorated according to a different theme. The three Hair Balls saw already had lights on them, though they weren't plugged in.

In case you were wondering, here is a list of some of the holidays we still have left BEFORE Christmas.

  • Sept. 2 -- Labor Day
  • Sept. 5 -- Rosh Hashana
  • Sept. 14 -- Yom Kippur
  • Sept. 22 -- First day of fall
  • Oct. 14 -- Columbus Day
  • Oct. 15 -- Eid-al-Adha
  • Oct. 31 -- Halloween
  • Nov, 3 -- Diwali/Deepavali
  • Nov. 3 -- Daylight Saving Time ends
  • Nov. 11 -- Veterans Day
  • Nov. 28 -- Thanksgiving Day
  • Nov. 28 -- First Day of Hanukkah
  • Dec. 5 -- Last day of Hanukkah
  • Dec. 21 -- December Solstice
  • Dec. 24 -- Christmas Eve

Retailers of the world, can't we at least wait until Halloween before starting this shit? We love Christmas as much as the next person, but we don't want it to be Christmas for half the year.

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If you have been in the store lately, you may have noticed that despite the temperature outside, Bering's has begun merchandising for all the upcoming holidays.  Bering’s and hundreds of other independent Houston retailers proudly support the American Cancer Society by helping them raise money from the sale of The Holiday Shopping card beginning late next month. It has grown to be a tradition among Houstonians to purchase The Holiday Shopping Card to receive big discounts from hundreds of retail stores to start their holiday shopping, while contributing to such a great cause.  It takes the Bering's staff over 4 weeks to transform the stores into the Fall experience that they are known for. If you are new to Houston or just need a reminder, Save the Dates for The Holiday Shopping Card. October 24th through November 3rd. Sale of the card begins prior to the event, at which time Bering's will post the date. 


I like seeing the trees early. To me, the season passes by so quickly. And honestly, should the first day of fall really should be categorized as a holiday? I don't what the hell Eid-al-Adha is. The author mind as well have thrown in elder care day as well. Looks like he was just trying to make it look like there are a gazillion holidays between now and Christmas.

Brian Dahl
Brian Dahl

Garden Ridge - swarms of brightly colored artificial trees.


Whaaaat?  You mean we DON'T need a little Christmas right this very minute?  Whoda thunk.

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