HPD Investigating Victims' Crime Advocate Andy Kahan

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As Captain Kirk once said: "Kaaaaaahaaaaaan!"
The Houston Police Department is investigating how the city's crime victims' advocate obtained a prisoner's confidential disciplinary record and used the information to try to thwart the prisoner's parole.

KTRK's Ted Oberg has been kicking all kinds of ass over Andy Kahan's alleged misconduct, which Oberg reported last night is now the subject of an HPD internal investigation. And we must say we're glad Kahan's getting some scrutiny, because it appears Kahan may have knowingly allowed a victim's family to mislead two parole board members in 2004, in order to nix yet another inmate's parole.

The prisoner in question is Jon Buice, who confessed to taking part in the brutal beating and stabbing of Paul Broussard in 1991. Broussard was targeted because he was gay. Buice was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Oberg reported

In an interview for an upcoming documentary called 'Where's Heaven,' Kahan said he somehow learned details of Jon Buice's confidential prison discipline record two years ago. In the on-camera interview, he read to the producer, Alison Armstrong, a list of prison infractions. Kahan admitted he didn't know what they were for. Buice's attorney says they were for having an inappropriate relationship with a prison employee, hanging a clothesline in his cell after proper hours, and having sunglasses in his cell without a commissary receipt. Texas law says that information is supposed to be kept private. It's not supposed to be used to fight against parole, but Kahan somehow got it and used it to argue Jon Buice shouldn't be released from prison.

Buice's lawyer, Bill Habern, told Oberg that Kahan's story about how he got the information changed after Habern complained to the Travis County District Attorney. (The DA's Office has closed the investigation, and no charges were filed.)

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To know the truth in the matter of Jon Buice see the google blog "In the Defense of Jon Buice"


The information should be public knowledge, we are talking about a prisoner who's existence is paid for with public funds.  Talk about a witch hunt. 


Kahan used to be a fixture on the local news, but in recent years I haven't seen him as much.  Frankly, like John Walsh, he seems to be a bit too emotionally invested to be either fair or effective.

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