Zapruder Analysis Of Gorilla Pool Dunk Video (Literally, There's A Gorilla!)

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Now with more gorilla.
In the summer of 2013, swimming pool dunks are zooming right past varsity sport status and into the 2016 Olympics. That's just a fact.

As August rapidly dwindles to nothing, the caliber of swimming pool alley oop specials that the internet continues to give us gets better and better, with seemingly more people, props, and danger added every time.

And now, for the first time in this space, we have repeat performers!

The group of suburban rapscallions who gave us the rollerblade/skateboard/12 man special (apparently, they reside somewhere in Oregon, someplace called Tualatin), have put together another video in an attempt to outdo themselves.

And you know what this means....

Actually, it means two things:

First, it means that they can all introduce themselves now using the Troy McClure intro on The Simpsons: "Hi, I'm Jon from Tualatin, you may remember me from such backyard shenanigans as 'Pool Dunk 1: Revenge of the Skateboard' and 'Smear the Queer! Dodgeball's Violent Little Brother'!" You have to already have been in at least one movie to get "Troy McClure" status. They qualify.

Second, it means that we get another video to break down Zapruder style, and everyone knows that's the best way to spend a Tuesday morning. So let's see what Jon and the fellas came up with:

All right, let's break this baby down...

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