Will Rap 4 Weed: Woman Gets Creative with Street "Ad Campaign"

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Photo by Michael McCormick
Click for larger, more rap-tastic, image.
Though Houston has enjoyed a rather robust economy even during the recession, money is still tight for many, which means the many joys in life often get placed on the back burner for necessities like food and rent. One creative, perhaps innovative woman spotted on lower Westheimer by photographer Michael McCormick decided to lay it all out there with her sign that says "Will Rap 4 Weed."

I've long been an admirer of the hustle exhibited by the average rapper wannabe. I've been approached in malls by people who shove headphones onto my head to listen to a few seconds of their beats. It can be a tad annoying and I doubt its effectiveness, but, damn, if hipsters took that kind of aggressive approach in marketing their music, maybe they'd have more success.

Our photographer picked up a CD from the aspiring artist -- no word on what was exchanged if anything to acquire the merchandise -- so, for at least one person, it worked. And, hey, she got her picture on the Hair Balls blog, so that's something. Don Draper would probably be proud...or something.

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Well to set the record straight the police can't do anything to me unless they want to violate my civil rights.  That's why I'm still out there and have been for three+ years all over the country.  (see the George Lopez footage of me in Cali protesting)

Thank you Todd for the props on my set up.  I work very hard to keep hip hop alive.   

A lot of people smoke weed Travis.  From your pic I see you need to grow up.  

1Love - Lyris (Yvette Gbalazeh)

Todd Spoth
Todd Spoth

she also spins and last time i checked had decks in her trunk ready to go!


When the police roust her, I suspect her rap will change...

Christine Young Biehle
Christine Young Biehle

ha! I saw her on the corner but I was coming from the other direction and couldn't read what the sign said...no wonder so many people were stopping to talk with her! :)


I guess she was being honest...lol...#byrdschitt

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