Ellington Airport Could Become a Commercial Spaceport (Could a Moon Vacation Be in the Cards?)

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Will a spaceport in Houston mean moon vacations? Fingers crossed.
Houston has some great airports, but now the City of Houston and the Houston Airport System are working to see about getting one airport a little something extra as a licensed spaceport.

Back in the days of the space race, our rockets were heading for the moon, and it all happened so fast that it seemed likely we'd all be wearing space helmets and eating Moon Flakes cereal on our colony in outer space by 2001 at the latest, minus that creepy computer.

Of course, it didn't happen like that. Right now NASA astronauts are hitching rides with the Russians into outer space, and since they won't be making any trips to the moon in the foreseeable future, taking a family jaunt to the moon seems pretty far off.

However, the folks with the City of Houston and HAS are optimistic about our prospects. Not so optimistic that they're going to pull a Walt Disney and build an entire Tomorrowland, but they are looking to get licensed to construct a spaceport.

Last month, Houston City Council members "voiced their support" for the HAS effort to obtain a license for Ellington Airport -- the small, runty cousin of George Bush Intercontinental and Hobby -- to build a spaceport. The council also approved a contract with Reynolds, Smith and Reynolds Inc. for $718,900 to conduct a study on how to obtain a commercial spaceport license. The first year of the three-year contract will be used for getting the license, and then the company will conduct environmental-impact studies to figure out what a spaceport will mean to the people who live immediately around it, according to the Houston Business Journal.

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