Texans-Vikings: 4 Winners, 4 Losers (From What I Saw, Ahem, Channel 13)

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When you're the preseason television flagship for an NFL team, you'd better be on your game because you only get four opportunities to make it count.

And let's face it, these aren't your normal broadcasting opportunities. Most fans are watching preseason games just to see how some of the obscure rookies are performing, to see training camp battles settled, or (in the case of the Texan fans) to play some version of a "Joel Meyers roster faux pas" drinking game.

Yes, this is my way of saying that only ultra-degenerate gamblers care about the final score of these games, so if you're Channel 13, all that's really being asked is that you keep the game on the air.

Friday night, Channel 13 couldn't keep the game on the air.

Repeated frozen screens caused by some sort of uplink malfunction reduced large chunks of the second and third quarter broadcast of the Texans preseason opener against Minnesota to a de facto Joel Meyers radio play-by-play, which when you consider how sideways his television play-by-play gets sometimes, was as chilling as it sounds on paper.

The KTRK telecast of the game was obvious social media red meat thrown into the snarling ring of pit bulls that is Twitter, with Texan fans lining up to take their shots at Channel 13, but it also exposed the local ABC affiliate to pot shots from competitors in the ever escalating war of local news in Houston:

I like Ron Trevino, and if you're a heterosexual male, you are completely envious of his gig, but isn't there something funny about a local Houston employee gently bragging about a broadcast that is run by the mother ship? And what if CBS does have technical issues during the regular season? Does that mean it's open season for Dave Ward to talk mad Twitter shit to Ron Trevino? Will we then, in turn, see Dave Ward, Bob Slovak, and David Nuno against Ron Trevino, Matt Musil, and Bob Allen in a six man tag match at Wrestlemania? And speaking of Bob Allen....THIS....

Twitter seemed to be in lockstep that Bob's tweet was a) acceptable and b) awesome. Clearly, Bob Allen is operating with Twitter immunity (Twimmunity?), a true O.G.

Ok, so on that note we start the winners and losers for week one of the "games that don't count" with....

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