Texans-Cowboys: Final Preseason Odds And Ends, Latest 53 Man Roster Prediction

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Will the Cowboys game matter to the roster cut downs?
On Tuesday, the Texans made their final set of moves to get down to 75 players before they head up to Dallas on Wednesday for the game Thursday night, placing wide receiver Alec Lemon on the injured reserve list and placing nose tackle David Hunter and wide receiver Mike Smith on waiver/injured reserve.

So after the dust settled, and the flurry of player activity on Monday was over, and I finally stop feeling stupid for not knowing that Nick Mondek was actually still on the team (Seriously, I feel like he's been cut by the Texans at least five times in the last year.), we have a few items to explore before the all-important for like ten guys fourth and final game of the preseason.

Let's hit 'em rapid fire:

First, a quick hit on the Texans' fan luncheon on Tuesday at the Westin Galleria, where Gary Kubiak shared a story about Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback and former teammate John Elway. He said that for 14 years, Elway went without a Super Bowl title, but finally in years 15 and 16, he broke through and took home the Lombardi Trophy. Kubiak then emphasized that Texans owner Bob McNair is probably not going to give Kubiak 14 years to win a title. I think Kubiak drastically underestimates McNair's patience. If Andy Reid survived Philadelphia for that long without winning a championship, Kubiak should cruise well into the 2030's.

(Code for guys who shouldn't get anywhere near a helmet, shoulder pad, or cleat)

Matt Schaub
Arian Foster (back)
Greg Jones
Andre Johnson
DeAndre Hopkins (concussion)
Owen Daniels
Garrett Graham (hip flexor)
Duane Brown
Wade Smith (knee)
Chris Myers
Brandon Brooks
J.J. Watt
Antonio Smith (suspended, but he'd be on here anyway)
Earl Mitchell
Brian Cushing
Brooks Reed
Whitney Mercilus (hamstring)
Ed Reed (hip)
Danieal Manning
Johnathan Joseph
Kareem Jackson

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