Tennessee Fan Tries to Take Horrible SEC Fan Songs to Another Level (w/ Zapruder VIDEO)

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Sometime before the 2014 college football season, the SEC will launch its own television network. With 14 schools, the station probably won't be as challenged for content as its ESPN-owned brethren the Longhorn Network, but 24 hours is still a lot of time to fill every single day, even with 14 sources for items to fill the grid.

Thankfully, nowadays, not only do you have the on the field sporting events to broadcast, along with coaches shows, highlights, and historical games, but with fans having iPhones and editing software, they diehards are not afraid to contribute as well. Thankfully!

The trend lately has been for SEC fans to sit down in a chair, prop their iPhone or video recorder on a desk or chair, press RECORD, and begin belting out homemade lyrics, some of which hover in between "uncomfortable" and "homoerotic."

To refresh, on the most recent examples:

We had the Arkansas fan, Wesley Wells, singing his ode to the Razorbacks' new head coach Bret Bielema in "I'm a Bielemer!":

If it's possible, that song has gotten worse over the last two weeks.

Then we got this one late last week from a Kentucky fan/Larry David lookalike:

There's nothing I can really add to Clay Travis' razor sharp analysis of this video that Clay hasn't already hit. The only thing I would say is that Fake Larry David's tone and pitch make him sound like at some point along the way he was rejected as a musical voice for a "down home country" commercial for, like, Folgers or Blue Bell.

Can't you hear Big Blue Flag Shaker Guy melodramatically bellowing that "The best part of wakin' up, is Folgers in your cup...."? I totally can.

Ok, so those are my comments on Kentucky Fan. Thankfully, the lengths to which SEC fans will go to welcome ridicule knows no bounds, and yesterday Tennessee threw its hat into the ring.

Behold the creatively titled "Butch Jones Song," with Zapruder analysis afterwards:

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