Sebelius Announces Obamacare Video Contest From Houston, Perry Probably Isn't Entering

No video contest for this guy

You might be able to find someone who hates the Affordable Care Act more than Gov. Rick Perry, but you'll have to look hard, especially now that U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius came all the way to Houston on Monday to announce a video contest promoting the federal healthcare act (aka Obamacare.)

This is after Sebelius swung through Austin a couple of weeks ago to try and get state officials to meet with her on the subject. Perry declined, noting that Texans have neither need or interest in the Affordable Care Act.

Sebelius must have a sense of humor because that decidedly cool reception from the Lone Star State didn't phase her a bit. On Monday, she went to the Legacy Community Health Services' Montrose clinic to announce a video contest to promote the act.

The contest is to make a video that will encourage young people to enroll for healthcare coverage. (There have to be a lot of young, healthy people enrolled in the system to make it balanced, hence the push to make not opting out of health insurance "cool." Because videos do that. We guess.)

The deadline is September 23 with a grand prize of $6,500 for the best video.

Perry, obviously, was not in attendance of the event.

"If Obamacare were sound health care policy, Secretary Sebelius wouldn't have to resort to video contests and prizes to tempt people to sign up. Texans are already subject to too much costly and burdensome federal regulation, and Obamacare only makes the problem worse," Perry stated in a release issued Monday afternoon.

It seems safe to gather from his statement that Perry won't be entering the video contest.

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"...Perry declined, noting that Texans have neither need or interest in the Affordable Care Act."

That's like saying Texans have no need or interest in having healthcare. Which I suppose he honestly believes, because so few Texan adults and kids actually have healthcare. Instead, they get sick and don't get treated because it's too expensive. Or they get treated and then get sued for payment, and sometimes declare bankruptcy.

Rick Perry is the face of mean and dumb (as in presenting no alternative) policy.


@Bettina  Cue the sad violin music, someone. We must spread the wealth and heal the people!

Perry is da debble! Momma says so!

Notice the video program is being run by the ex head lobbyist for ACORN. Wake up, Obama sheeple.


@BobbyBouche @Bettina 

He didn't look too bright on the national stage. And that was with a group of carp for brains. But maybe he seems enlightened to you.

Sure you were one of the cue the violin players about our nat'l debt and us 'turning into Greece'. Which was always baloney. But it's healthcare costs that ARE driving the structural debt, so Obamacare makes sense. And Rick, as usual, doesn't.

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