JFK, Oswald and Nick Beef: A Mystery Solved

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Was Nick Beef in on it, too?!
JFK assassination conspiracy theorists probably felt a pang of disappointment when The New York Times revealed the (non)-mystery behind the curiously monikered grave marker beside Lee Harvey Oswald's grave in Fort Worth. For 15 years, conspiracy theorists and pilgrims to Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery have wondered: Just who is "Nick Beef"?

The answer, per the Times, is less than epic: He's a 56-year-old dude whose real name is Patric Abedin, and who bought the plot beside the infamous assassin for $175.

Although Abedin bought the plot in 1975, he didn't have the awesome Nick Beef marker installed until 1997.

Per the Times, "On Nov. 21, 1963, President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, landed at the former Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth as part of a two-day Texas tour. Among the many gathered for the arrival -- some holding 'Welcome to Texas, Jack and Jackie' signs -- was young Patric, the 6-year-old asthmatic son of an Air Force navigator. Having gotten lost in the crowd, the boy was sitting on the shoulders of a military police officer when the first couple passed by just a few feet away."

Abedin said his mother regularly took him to Oswald's grave, telling him "'Never forget that you got to see Kennedy the night before he died.'" (We hope this weirdness was followed by a trip to the ice cream shop or something, 'cause that's kinda creepy).

The "Nick Beef" name just came from goofing around with friends. And now it's part of JFK lore. Of course, this could all be part of the conspiracy as well...

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Jorge Sosa
Jorge Sosa

No 1 it's an empty grave.....owned by some guy who lives in San Diego I believe,


What a cute story, Craig.And how clever of you to associate the nut-job, conspiracy whackos with an eccentric named Nick Beef who happened to buy the gravesite next to Oswald’s.Now that I know the true story of Nick Beef, my suspicions are allayed.I know no longer need concern myself with the Dallas doctors’ testimony that JFK was shot from the front; or that a cabal of powerful military and intelligence officers hated Kennedy for wanting to end the Cold War rather than win it; or that the Secret Service despised JFK and refused to protect him in Dallas; or that Allen Dulles and powerful Texas oilmen had direct ties to the accused assassin and his landlady; or that the autopsy was fraudulent; or that eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza contradicted the official Warren Commission fairy tale.I can now move on with my life, knowing that the truth of our history has been restored.Thanks, Craig, for reminding us that forensics, ballistics, medical evidence, and eyewitness testimony do not a criminal case make.

Tim Fleming

Author, The President’s Mortician

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