J.J. Watt on Offense? You've All Been Catfished

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Exactly nine days ago, after the re-emergence of his black elbow brace at a Sunday morning practice caused a momentary collective heart attack among Houstonians, I wrote that J.J. Watt has the capability, if he so chooses, to troll the entire city of Houston.

With a tweet, with a few words, with a black contraption buckled to his left arm, J.J. Watt can singlehandedly raise and lower the blood pressure of an entire city, affect an entire city's collective mood, and establish what the headline story on the news and the lead conversation at the dinner table will be that night. (God forbid J.J. Watt ever goes through a "crazy" phase like Britney Spears did a few years ago; the city might burn to the ground.)

That's absolute power, which they say corrupts absolutely. So far, there's no evidence that J.J. has become self-aware when it comes to his "super power," so he is not yet using it for evil reasons.

However, we've all shown we're easily trolled even when J.J. isn't trying. To wit, the latest speculation about J.J. Watt playing on offense this season.

In case you missed it (sure, maybe there were a couple of you), Watt was catching balls from the JUGS machine on Tuesday morning, an activity normally reserved for offensive skill players and defensive backs. This actually wasn't anything new for Watt, who spent chunks of time catching balls one-handed from the machine after he dislocated his elbow in training camp last season.

Well, even on a morning with plenty of news at practice (Wade Smith's arthroscopic surgery, Matt Schaub's absence for a death in the family, Ed Reed's absence to rehab with his own specialist), Watt catching balls from a machine is enough to stop the figurative presses.

So Watt, who actually started his collegiate career as a tight end at Central Michigan, was asked about the possibility of getting some snaps on the offensive side of the ball:

"I've been lobbying since day one," Watt said after the morning practice. "It hasn't worked yet, so I don't think it's going to work anytime soon. But it's (Kubiak's) team.

"It's just about being an athlete. Catching balls is fun. Just doing whatever you can to be an athlete, working on hand-eye coordination and the little things. It never hurts to be able to catch a football."

Of course, unaware that merely giving an honest answer to a reporter's question would trigger this, Watt unwittingly set in motion the chain of events that led to something that has virtually no chance of happening actually becoming a topic -- the definition of the unintentional troll.

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Lien Roberts
Lien Roberts

I was just looking at that spot "poking" at the crotch of his tights. I didn't even realize there was an article attached.

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