It Just Got Real: The Three-Ball Swimming Pool Alley Oop

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Different things resonate with different people.

Years from now, some of you will look back upon the summer of 2013 and remember it as the summer that we all found out exactly how deplorable a sociopath Aaron Hernandez really is.

Some of you will smile and fondly think of Johnny Manziel and how heroic he was walking each and every day in his shoes, even if most of those walks were along the beach, down the 18th fairway or scurrying back from New Orleans at four in the morning (allegedly).

Some of you will remember the summer of 2013 for how the pervert market mourned the loss of a single Paulina Gretzky to engagement, and presumably the death of any intrigue tied to her Instagram account.

Me, I'll remember 2013 as the summer that the pool alley oop went mainstream.

And just when you thought the bar had been raised to unattainable levels of difficulty with last week's 12-man effort, here comes a new wrinkle -- the multi-ball pool dunk!

Take a look at this three-basketball masterpiece, marvel at it, then I'll break it down for you Zapruder-style below:

Let me get a couple things out of the way before we break this down:

1. Hat tip to Deadspin for the distribution of this video. It seems like nowadays most of the pool dunk videos are running through Deadspin, and with my analysis of each of these dunks being easily the most exhaustive on the Internet, I'd like to think that Deadspin is kind of the Monday Night Football of pool dunks and that my blog posts are one of those specialty niche shows like Edge NFL Matchup that dissect the dunks and break them down in exhaustive detail. Yes, I know this makes me the Ron Jaworski of pool dunks. I'm cool with that.

2. I'd like to make one request to all aspiring pool dunkers and pool dunk teams out there -- I want you to promise from now on that you will film the planning sessions for these dunks so that we can see the thought process and architecture behind each of them. Also, that will mean that you can stop using Vine. Please film them and put them up on YouTube so that we can see a) your post-dunk reaction (awkward Caucasian celebrations!) and b) the aforementioned "making of" mini-documentary. Vine sucks donkey balls.

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