Houston at Night: Amazing Time Lapse Video of Houston After Dark

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Even the garish ferris wheel looks pretty damn cool at night and in time lapse.
We are unabashed Houston supporters, so when anyone does something particularly awesome specifically focused on our city, we tend to take notice. For example, this video from former UH student and videographer Spenser Harris posted to Vimeo last night. It features some amazing time lapse video shot in and around downtown, Reliant Park and the Galleria.

The shots that run the gamut from traffic to light rail, Texans game footage to the Hyatt's elevators moving up and down, are visually stunning and a fascinating look at our city after dark.

Houston, despite observations to the contrary, can be quite beautiful, particularly when the sun goes down.

Houston At Night from Spenser Harrison on Vimeo.

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Lori Idoux
Lori Idoux

I've always thought Houston has a great skyline. Especially from certain angles. Coming up Memorial!


Really hits home our lack of pedestrians and centralized nightlife.

Houston! A city populated only by cars!

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