Gauging the Sincerity: The Riley Cooper Apology Video Zapruder

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If you're looking for proof that we've never lived in an era where your life can change in the click of an iPhone button in five horrifically racist seconds, and that your digital fingerprint, the gigabytes of visual and audio proof of who you are and what you stand for, never, ever goes away, look no further than Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper.

Back on June 9, almost two months ago now, Cooper was at a Kenny Chesney concert and got into what appears to be a dust-up with what reportedly was an African-American security guard. Cooper, who had been drinking all day long (if that matters), was quite expressive in his belligerence.

How expressive? This expressive:

And that's how it happens.

NFL player, probably feeling fairly entitled and very loose-lipped, constant beer flow for ten hours, one security guard telling him "No!" and then out comes the N-bomb, iPhone rolling, upload to YouTube, and BOOM.

Life changed.

And if you need any digital proof that this is now what will lead off any discussion of Riley Cooper's legacy (unless he simultaneously cures cancer while rescuing ten abducted children), go run the Google Test on him. The Google Test is where you assess the first three or four things that accompany someone's name in the pull-down menu on Google. Generally, they correlate with what a person is best known for.

Riley Cooper's Google Test?

Riley Cooper video
Riley Cooper racist
Riley Cooper twitter

Yep, and the main reason his Twitter account cracked the top three in his Google Test is that it was the first place Cooper went after this video went public, immediately issuing an apology and contrition that bordered on resignation that his life would never be the same:

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