Former Texan Travis Johnson: "Tony Romo Is a Thief"

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"Be memorable."

Back in the day, we had a sign on the door of our studio and that was all that it said, but in a radio/television/print/Web world cluttered with thousands of sources for content, and with only 24 hours in a day to consume just a fraction of them, those were, to me at least, words to live by.

I don't know what ever happened to that sign. It is gone now, probably sitting in a recycle bin next to our standing cardboard cutout of Chewbacca and the banner that was jacked from a Jim Rome tour stop in 2001, but that's not important right now.

What's important is how being "memorable" relates to a segment on Comcast SportsNet's Sports Talk Live earlier this week.

For the 60 percent of you in Houston unable to pick up CSN, Sports Talk Live is a nightly, hourlong talk show hosted by longtime Houston sports television fixture Kevin Eschenfelder, and is composed typically of a couple of interview segments and a few panel-style discussions between local media types -- radio, print and former players.

It's a fun show and a nice avenue for some of us non-television slugs to get a little bit of air time and express some of our opinions. If I had CSN in my house, I would make a point to watch the show, and I don't just say that because I've been on it. It's a good product.

In general, former players can be a dicey proposition on television, but these unscripted panel-style environments can go sideways quickly if the player a) is afraid of offending current players/NFL teams or b) is just not very good at expressing opinions.

If former Texans first-round defensive tackle Travis Johnson's first appearance on Sports Talk Live is any indication, it doesn't appear that he will have any issues with either of those things.

Full disclosure: Johnson has been on the radio multiple times with me and John Granato on 1560 Yahoo! Sports Radio over the past month, and his appearances have been legendary, everything from sheepishly admitting, "Yeah, the Texans probably should've drafted Aaron Rodgers instead of me" (literally that's what he said, and it was a hundred times funnier hearing him say it) to telling stories about his days at Florida State and the wildlife habitats some of his teammates housed at their apartments (Ernie Sims had an anaconda that he fed live chickens to. Read that again. Ernie Sims had an anaconda that he fed live chickens to.)

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Trying to be an NFL version of Charles Barkley.  As for his thoughts on Romo and Schaub, sure, Romo has a rep as a choker.  But he's far more capable of making plays than Schaub and his second coming of Bernie Kosar routine.  Johnson isn't likely to make the big time, and his time in the league was certainly forgettable.

James Walker
James Walker

Joke of the Day: Travis Johnson (3) Career Sacks. How much guaranteed money did you steal...Chalk another up to the failure that is #Comcast & #TravisJohnson

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis

Travis Johnson's .. a Fat, 1st rd Bust, piece of garbage .. Close ur PieHole Hypocrite !!

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