Barry Smitherman Calls For 'Conservative Crusade' Against The EPA, Drives Truck In Election Ad

Barry Smitherman hasn't done a lot of time on the Railroad Commission, but he's already set his sights on becoming the next state attorney general, and he's calling for a conservative crusade to get him there.

Smitherman has come a long way from the days when he was a prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney's Office. In July 2011, Gov. Rick Perry tapped Smitherman to fill a vacant seat as chairman of the Railroad Commission, the entity charged with regulating oil and gas in Texas.

Last June, Smitherman announced he was running for state attorney general. It seems he wants the gig because he wants to protect Texans from the bad old federal government in general, and the evil Environmental Protection Agency in particular, according to his latest video advertisement.

His campaign has put out two videos so far, complete with shots of the San Jacinto Monument (in a totally non-phallic way), shots of Smitherman in his truck, and music that sounds like it was cribbed from the Jurassic Park soundtrack.

"There are great paying jobs at the Houston Ship Channel, and yet the Obama EPA wants to shut this industry down, eliminating those great paying jobs," he says, alternating between looking at the camera and steering his truck.

(Bonus points if he actually filmed the truck segments while driving his truck, because doing both at the same time wouldn't be easy or terribly safe.)

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Barry Smitherman does not serve ALL Texans. Those of us who have been damaged by the oil and gas industry are on our own. The culture at the Railroad Commission is customer service and the customer is the oil and gas industry not the public who funds the agency! The culture starts at the top and that's with Smitherman. 

If an employee tries to do their job, they get fired as we learned from the engineer whistleblower who is now suing the Railroad Commission.

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