Yes, Even the ESPYs Has Wagering Odds, and Here They Are!

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Nobody does "self-congratulatory disguised as congratulating others" better than ESPN, and if that's the soapbox that I have climbed atop today, then you know it must be time for the ESPYs!

For years, the Wednesday after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game was known for one thing: It was the one day out of the calendar year that bookies could go out to dinner with their loved ones (assuming they had some) because there were literally no sporting events, and hence nothing upon which to gamble.

Then in 1993, along came the ESPYs, and suddenly the Wednesday after the All Star Game had a purpose.

And then, sometime between 1993 and my check of e-mail this morning, along came wagering on the ESPYs, and with that the bookies were screwed out of their one day off a year.

As much as we (I'm not the only one, right?) like to make fun of ESPN, and as much as many of us pretend we won't watch or pay attention to the ESPYs, ultimately many of us do, because it produces at least a few moments that remind us why we love sports (despite the best efforts of human nature and Mark May to make us do otherwise).

No ESPYs moment will ever be more poignant and more memorable than this one, the creation of the V Foundation, and Jim Valvano's last really famous speech at the very first ESPYs awards show:

Since then, we've had our fair share of tear-jerking and fist-pumping moments at the July awards show, and now with gambling on the event added to the mix, we have a chance to actually turn this into a profitable endeavor.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the lines on this year's awards (courtesy of

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