This Steve Spurrier Picture Says, "Have a Great Weekend!"

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Via Jadeveon Clowney/Instagram
Much like a quarterback going back and looking at game film, I like to end the week by going back and reading what I wrote, seeing what I did wrong and where I might be able to improve.

It's the blogger's version of Gary Kubiak's "I gotta go back and look at the film...get that corrected...and we just gotta get better, Mark."

In going back and reading everything I wrote about Johnny Manziel's episode at the Manning Passing Academy, certain people's overreaction to it and the degree of coverage it got relative to far more egregious transgressions like Jeremy Hill's sucker punch, I realized that my tone was decidedly negative for much of the week.

Insightful, I hope, but negative.

So given that it's Friday afternoon, I want to send all of you into the weekend feeling good, feeling like all is right in the world, and what better way to do that than with a candid picture of the Ol' Ball Coach?

So courtesy of South Carolina superhero/defensive end Jadeveon Clowney's Instagram account, we get the image above.

I love this picture in so many ways:

1. First and foremost, I think sometimes we assume that these millionaire head coaches eat all of their meals a) in country clubs where they are boondoggling their state-subsidized memberships, b) in upscale steakhouses where they can drop hundreds on the finest Kobe beef, sip the most expensive wines and smoke Cuban cigars, or c) at their desks or in a film room because " all coaches grind on 20 hour days year round," or something like that. Spurrier is none of those things. I mean, sure, he probably eats the occasional country club filet after a round of 36 holes of golf, but he looks right at home reaching into the straw bin above the ketchup dispenser. RIGHT at home.

2. Steve Spurrier is not a "tie" guy, that much we kind of already knew. But we do learn here that when it comes time to unwind on a "tie necessary" day, in a mild upset, he opts for the "completely untied, but stays around the neck" look. My big board for Steve Spurrier post-tie options looked like this:

* Tie removed completely, suit w/ no tie "drunk guy at sales convention" look: -140
* Tie loosened slightly but remaining on, "stressed-out accountant" look: +160
* Tie around neck all the way untied, "passed out in back seat at 3 a.m." look: +200
* Tie around forehead like a bandanna, "Michael Scott in 'Survivor Man' Office episode" look: +900
* Tie redone into an ascot, "Connecticut blue blood" look: +2000

+200 is your winner!

3. Spurrier is giving the thumbs up, as if to say, "Finally, FINALLY, Jadeveon, we get to eat! I've been dreaming of this place for three hours now. I couldn't wait for Joe Tessitore to shut the fuck up!"

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