Steven Mark Weinstein (The Guy Who Had a Body in His Trunk) Might Get a New Trial

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Back in 2008, Steven Mark Weinstein was convicted for murder after a man was found dead and decomposing in the trunk of Weinstein's car.

Now Weinstein might be granted a new trial by the Court of Criminal Appeals, if the court decides a witness gave false testimony in the murder trial, according to court documents.

Jerry Glaspie, 28, disappeared on January 29, 2007, and his decomposing body was found in the trunk of a car on March 24, 2007. His body was discovered with the hands and feet handcuffed, mouth covered with tape, after residents complained of the smell.
Prosecutors said Glaspie was strangled after a $14,000 drug deal went bad. In 2008 Weinstein was convicted of the killing and sentenced to 30 years in prison for the crime.

"It was an appropriate verdict," then Harris County Assistant District Attorney Murray Newmand told the Houston Chronicle back then.

Weinstein's appeal of his conviction was denied. Last June, his current lawyer, Randy Schaffer, filed a writ of habeas corpus claiming that Weinstein wasn't properly represented, that information was withheld and that there was false testimony from a witness. (If the Court of Criminal Appeals grants relief to a writ -- translation: agrees with points being argued -- then the applicant gets a new trial.)

The witness in question is Nathan Adams, a man with a history of convictions, drug addictions and mental health issues.

Adams was being treated for bipolar disorder when he shared a cell with Weinstein. He wrote the Harris County District Attorney's Office letters saying he could help them convict Weinstein if they cut Adams a deal. They did and he testified, though he disappeared and had to be tracked down by the DA's office in order to appear in court, Schaffer said.

Adams testified that Weinstein told him everything about the crime, how he allegedly used a towel to strangle Glaspie, that the murder was over money, how he tried to use an engine lift to get Glaspie's body out of the trunk but couldn't. (An engine lift was found in Weinstein's garage when the body was discovered.)

Schaffer claims that the state withheld evidence that Adams heard voices and had hallucinations. In the first hearing, held last summer, the prosecutors of the case testified that they disclosed Adams's condition. Adams was asked during the trial whether he ever had audio hallucinations, and he said he did not, even though Schaffer said he had a medical history of hallucinations and was complaining around the time of the trial of hearing voices telling him to kill himself.

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Wow, Murray has set a very high bar for himself. I am not willing to call him Ken Anderson Jr, but it sure does look that way. I believe Murray's protocol is to ask for a special prosecutor to be named and a thorough examination of the record can be vetted through a grand jury. I am sure Murray would want to see his named cleared of any criminal wrong doing. Let's all call Ted Oberg!

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