Starting the Day Off Right: The Greatest Alley Oop in Swimming Pool History (w/ Zapruder VIDEO)

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If you're between the ages of eight and 15, you know that pool games are a big part of the summer.

For purposes of this post, a "pool game" is defined as any borderline stupid human trick involving multiple human beings, a ball, and some sort of element that could result in one or more broken necks.

When I was a kid, our big pool game was when my brother, Jeff Doyle and I would line up, one of us at the shallow end of the pool, one of us on the side and one on the diving board. "Shallow-end guy" would throw the length of the pool to "diving-board guy" mid-jump, who would have to complete it to "side-of-pool" guy while in the air.

The challenge was how many consecutive times we could complete that sequence with no drops. Being suburban white kids, we had pretty good hands. i think our record was like 58 or something.

As impressive a Suburban Olympics feat as that may sound like, it had nothing on these kids (who appear to be about junior high age) completing this seven-man pool alley pop:


I'm pretty sure that my brother, Jeff Doyle and I could have recruited LeBron, Carmelo, and two Globetrotters and would still be trying to complete that sequence in, like, 2019. That's unbelievable, and deserves a Zapruder analysis of all the underrated potential points of failure.

(ZAPRUDER TRIVIA: At 6.2 seconds, this is far and away the shortest video that I've ever conducted a Zapruder analysis on.)

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