Dick Continues to Rail Against Parker (for Election Sign Citations)

An artistic rendering of an election sign in homage to the original Eric Dick election signs.
Back in November 2011, the run-up to the election was going strong and, as is the long-standing tradition in Houston, there were election signs everywhere. Seriously. If your granny stood still long enough, someone was bound to attach an election sign to the front of her walker.

The thing is, Mayor Annise Parker had already announced in September that there would be a crackdown on improperly placed election signs and those who continued placing their signs on city property would be notified, given 24 hours to remove the signs and, if the signs were not removed, they would be taken down by city employees and the owners of the signs fined between $100 and $500, according to city ordinances.

Eric Dick -- then a candidate for city council, now a candidate for mayor -- had some fairly distinctive red and white campaign signs, and, in the days leading up to the 2011 election, he seemingly had them everywhere.

After Parker stated that those who crossed the legal line on the signage issue would be prosecuted, Dick issued the infamously titled press release "Parker Afraid of Dick," claiming the mayor was going after him particularly for his seemingly ubiquitous red and white signs.

Was it because Parker was specifically aiming at Dick or did Dick just happen to have a whole bunch of signs out? Either way, Dick and fellow Republican candidate Clyde Bryan were issued citations for more than 150 signs gone wrong. (Signs placed in the wrong spot by either the candidates, those working for the candidates or possibly just people who might enjoy going around town and moving election signs into illegal territory for the hell of it. This doesn't seem entirely out of the realm of possibility.)

Bryan and Dick have been waging a legal battle in municipal court on this issue of signage since November 2011. On Friday morning, the two held a press conference, along with their attorney, Paul Kubosh, in front of City Hall.

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Hahaha. Great article! COH didnt send notice. They contradict themselves.


 Ugh, this is ridiculous.I hear he's a great lawyer, and he helped my friend through a messy divorce, but this whole election sign nonsense is stupid. His "Need Dick" and "Elect Dick" signs are embarrassing and an eyesore. None of the other candidates had signs hanging from street lights and taped over stop signs, then left them up long after the city council elections ended. If you drive around the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area, you can still find some of those (now faded) signs hanging in weird places. It's impossible to take him seriously when he's demonstrating this level of immaturity. I went to high school with Eric back in the 90's...and this kind of stuff was funny back when we were teenagers...but now? Hardly. However, I do give him credit for becoming a sort of local celebrity with a cult following. Now THAT is funny.


Oh wait....is this Dick and "Erection" signs? 

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