SEC Media Day Preview: Johnny, Jadeveon and 6 People Who Would Draw a Crowd

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In recent years, SEC Media Days in July have been the breeding ground for some of college football's more memorable quotes and soundbites.

In 2009, there was Clay Travis's (founder of and recently named pregame and postgame analyst for Fox's college football coverage) asking Tim Tebow if he was saving himself for marriage.

In 2010, there was Les Miles's meandering, disjointed, positively Miles-esque answer on the impact of the oil spills in the Gulf coast on the state of Louisiana. ("It effects not just Louisiana...but the ocean.")

Now here comes 2013 Media Days starting Tuesday, and there may be no bigger individual star than Tebow 2009 at this year's festivities, but there has probably never been a bigger collection of star power at one SEC Media Day event than 2013's.

Clowney, Murray, McCarron, Saban, Miles, Bielema...all of them contribute to the collective shine on this event.

But it begins and ends with Johnny Football.

It would have begun and ended with Johnny Manziel, even if there were no Johnny Football news within the past 72 hours, because nobody has seen a meteoric rise like his from nearly-kicked-out-of-school nobody to pop culture and sports icon within a matter of just seven months.

Think about it, in June 2012, Johnny Manziel was on the verge of being kicked out of school and transferring to a junior college, and in December 2012, he is hoisting the trophy symbolic of the best college football player in the land.

But it's what's happened with Manziel in 2013 so far that will be the talk of the town in Hoover, AL this week. More specifically, what's taken place over the last three days, and no, I'm not talking about Manziel's long awaited "guilty" plea to charges of "failure to identify himself" to police in the aforementioned June 2012 incident.

As discussed in this space yesterday, Johnny Manziel left the Manning family's passing academy a day early this past weekend, heading back to College Station Saturday after missing meetings and showing up late that morning.

Depending on whom you believe, the story of what actually happened ranges anywhere from "Johnny was sick, and came home, and then Sunday was still resting due to dehydration" (Manziel's family's story) to "Johnny was out Thursday, out Friday, and out Saturday when he got back to College Station. He wasn't hungover at any point because he was still drunk the whole time" (the widely assumed narrative).

To be fair, the former story can actually still be true under the auspices of the truth of the latter story, so it might be both.

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