UPDATE: Suspect Arrested After UH Bomb Threat, Official Says

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Photo from University of Houston
John Simeon was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and trespassing after a bomb scare at UH.

Update: A man has been arrested and charged with trespassing in the wake of a bomb scare at University of Houston on Tuesday afternoon.

John Simeon, 30, was arrested by UH police after an altercation between the former student and a faculty member, Richard Bonnin, interim associate vice president of marketing and communications at UH, said. He said it is believed Simeon wanted to be readmitted to the university.

Simeon was taken into custody after making "inappropriate remarks," according to Bonnin. The M.D. Anderson Library at UH was closed while police investigated the bomb threat, Bonnin said.

"The university police who conducted the investigation still believe there was never a serious threat," Bonnin said.

The investigation is ongoing.
Original Entry:

There was some chatter on social media this afternoon about a possible bomb threat at University of Houston, but no such threat was made, a UH official says.

Richard Bonnin, interim associate vice president of marketing and communications at UH, said that there was a dispute between a former student and a faculty member that led to a misunderstanding about a possible bomb threat.

"At this time we believe there was a miscommunication, and there was no serious threat made," Bonnin said. "If we thought there was any credibility, we would have issued a security alert."

One tweet reported that the university library was being closed because of the threat. Bonnin said university facilities are not being closed or evacuated. If the library or any other buildings were closed, it was due to an "abundance of caution," he said.

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Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill

Bomb threat vs Inappropriate remarks? There's a bomb in your building vs I did your mom last night? What constitutes arrestable inappropriate remarks?


Just to clarify, there was a speaker system announcement in her building. She and her co-workers were sent home. She doesn't work in the library, however, so if there was anything evacuated there, I don't know. It was only relayed to her that a threat was made on the library. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the tweet.

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