Polk County Judge Allegedly Texted Advice to Prosecutor During Trial

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This ain't no LOL matter...
We've heard of spectators and reporters being admonished for fiddling on their cell phones during court proceedings, but never a judge. But State Rep. Harold Dutton (D-Houston) wants everyone to know that a Polk County judge wasn't using sound judgment (HEY-OH!) when she allegedly texted advice to prosecutors during a trial.

"Judge Elizabeth Coker, judge of the 258th Judicial District, demonstrated conduct unbecoming a judge by violating the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct," Dutton wrote in a resolution calling for Coker's impeachment, according to Your Houston News.

The article states, "During the alleged texting incident between Coker and 411th District Court Judge Kaycee Jones, who was a prosecutor for the Polk County District Attorney's Office at the time, Coker reportedly sent messages suggesting that prosecutors follow a line of questioning against defendant David Reeves that had not previously been considered. Reeves, accused of a felony charge of injury to a child, was later acquitted."

The story states that, according to David Wells, an investigator for the Polk County District Attorney's Office who says he witnessed the exchange, Jones wrote out the gist of the text on a yellow legal pad: "Judge says...baby pooped on (Reeves) -- if he threw a dog off the bed because the dog peed on bed what would he do if baby pooped on him?"

The story also cites a letter Jones wrote to the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State Bar of Texas in which she admitted to the texting: "On Aug. 8, 2012, I did receive a text message from Judge Coker that suggested a line of questioning in an injury to a Child trial over which she was president and telling me to tell the trial prosecutor...I was not the trial prosecutor and had nothing to do with the investigation or prosecution of the case, but I was present in the courtroom for portions of the trial as an observer. When I received the text, I hand-wrote the text verbatim and asked our investigator to deliver it to the prosecutor who was trying the case....I deeply regret that I acted in this manner. It was wrong and I knew better."

The article quoted Dutton as saying, "One of the things I have been doing is trying to improve our justice system so that we don't have people who are factually innocent being found legally guilty. I never thought we would have a situation where we would have a judge interjecting herself into a trial this way."


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Judge coker has also ruined my fam­i­lies life. She sen­tenced my 37 year old brother 99 years for allegedly sex­u­ally abus­ing his own daugh­ter. There was no evi­dence pre­sented that he com­mit­ted this crime that he was accused of and the exam­iner that exam­ined the child stated in court that the child had not been touched. But yet her and Lee Hon can ruin someone’s life behind false accu­sa­tions. On top of that the whole court pro­ceed­ings were uneth­i­cal. For instance all dur­ing the trial there were jokes and laugh­ter going on from Coker as well as the dis­trict attor­ney (Lee Hon). Another thing that took place that I was uncer­tain about was the fact that my brother asked for another attor­ney instead of the present court appointed lawyer and she told my par­ents that the only way that he could change lawyers is if a new lawyer is present before the trial the next day. I don’t give credit to Karma, I give all credit to God because he said in his word that “you will reap what you sow.” In my opin­ion Coker was able to get off easy but her judge­ment day is com­ing and she will have to answer to the almighty God for all of the many lives in Polk County, San Jac­into County, Trin­ity County, and other coun­ties that she have destroyed behind her coruptness!!!

JoAnna Claire Hanks
JoAnna Claire Hanks

My hometown. Yikes. And unfortunately this is a judge who has been on the bench for many years, so she has many loyal supporters who chalk it up to "everyone makes mistakes."

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Clearly a conflict of interest, and certainly biased.  Should be deposed.

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