No Cars Go: There's a Hole in I-10 East Westbound at I-45 North

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Screengrab via
There should be a lot more traffic at I-10 and Jensen.
If your Friday evening plans include heading west toward I-45 north on I-10, you'll want to seriously rethink them. An early-afternoon traffic accident involving a big rig resulted in a large hole in the middle of the freeway, according to

There's no word yet on how long it will be before everything is patched up and the road is safe to travel, but judging by the size of the hole in this Instagram photo, it's going to be awhile. Plan accordingly.

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James Fremont
James Fremont

There's an a-hole or 100 on the I-10 commute everyday.

Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

Looks like a typical pothole on any road here. They'll do a half added patch job on it like they always do.

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