Let's Go Shopping at the Texans Clearance Sale!

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A few years ago, my kids were visiting from Chicago in the summertime, and we decided to head up to Dallas, for two reasons:

1. Eat lunch at the new-to-Dallas-but-an-old-friend-to-my-digestive-tract In-N-Out Burger

2. Take a tour of the still-fairly-new Cowboys Stadium, a.k.a. "Jerry World"

After a delicious double-double and neopolitan shake, we went over to the stadium, and while waiting for the tour to start, the Cowboys' tour people had us hang out in the Cowboys' team store. (Amazing coincidence how they make a high spend area like that the "hang out" spot, huh?)

In browsing, I noticed that there were the usual cadre of full-priced jerseys: Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarcus Ware...

And then there was a bin full of Marion Barber jerseys for like 75 percent off. And keep in mind, this was in July and Barber was still with the team!

It was at that point that I knew that a) Marion Barber was not long for the Cowboys (kind of like that moment in Goodfellas when the light goes on and Henry knows "Holy shit, they're gonna kill me if I go to Florida with Jimmy.") and b) you can tell a lot about what a team thinks about a player by how they price their gear.

Which brings me to the Houston Texans.

I will readily admit that I am a chronic "email deleter." Unless it's something from someone I know, or marked as urgent, or a Groupon for something interesting (I am notoriously cheap, too.), I just click "DELETE" and go on my way.

Before that Marion Barber fueled epiphany a few years back, I probably would have deleted an email entitled "Texans Store CLEARANCE Sale! Ends Monday! Take an EXTRA 20% Off ALL Sale Items."

But now, knowing that the sale could be the very tea leaves that allow me to climb inside the brains of Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak, I click!

And it just so happens that the Texans do have a clearance sale going on right now that does end on Monday and includes a 20 percent discount on selected items. Let's take a look at a few of the items that intrigue me the most, with my comments for each one preceded by "SP":

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