Houston Bucket List - 100 Things to Do in Houston Before You Die: The Short Porch

Photo by Jeff Balke
Celebrate Go Texan Day by welcoming trail riders into the city.
Few cities have a holiday specifically for them. In Houston, we have Go Texan day, when cowboys and gals of all ages can strap on some boots and hoot and holler at passing trail riders.

Buy a knockoff bag and some costume jewelry from a discount shop on Harwin.
Some of the cheapest, gaudiest and most ridiculous stuff can be found along Harwin Drive in southwest Houston, including knockoff bags and jewelry. They may not advertise it, but if you want a bag that looks like a Gucci, but on a Target budget, this is your place.

Look for mattresses and furniture Gallery Furniture.
Speaking of shopping, what life is complete without a visit to Mattress Mac's palace of furniture. There are all sorts of crazy attractions from monkeys to food inside this monument to the sectional and no BACK BACK BACK ORDER SLIPS!

Have vegan food at the ISKCON Hare Krishna temple in Oak Forest.
One of the most fascinating churches in Houston is on 34th Street in Oak Forest, where in the early 1970s, a group of Hare Krishnas set up shop. After a massive construction project created, their gold-turreted temple became a place for worship and very good vegan food.

Go sailing on Clear Lake.
Most people don't really think of Houston as a sailing city, but we are actually quite close to the ocean and to another hotspot of sailing activity, Clear Lake. If you time it right, you can catch fireworks displays from the deck of your boat.

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Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith

This bucket list is terrible...I can't see myself doing most of these things, ever.

Cam Hewitt
Cam Hewitt

Haha, doing this tonight with some free tickets!

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