Houston Bucket List - 100 Things to Do in Houston Before You Die: The Short Porch

Photo by Ed Uthman
Nine More (in no particular order)

Attend the Houston Holiday Parade.
Round here, most of us still call it the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but whatever the case, this is one of the better holiday parades outside of New York City, even if the weather can sometimes feel more like Labor Day than Thanksgiving.

Get stoned at Last Concert Café.
I don't smoke anything, so this may remain un-checked on my list, but I imagine I remain rather unique when it comes to those who have visited the classic hippie hang on the northeast side of downtown. If you don't smell the weed outside during a show, something is probably wrong.

Get cooled off by a fountain.
Houston has quite a few really amazing fountains. From the majestic Williams Waterwall near the Galleria to the beautiful tradition of Mecom Fountain at Hermann Park to the fun Wortham Fountain (water ball) along Allen Parkway, there are plenty of good choices for cooling off in the summer heat.

Get your Latin dance on at Club Tropicana.
If you ever wanted to learn how to Latin dance, you're in luck. Club Tropicana offers free salsa lessons every Tuesday and Friday night. And if you think Houstonians aren't interested in salsa, merengue or bachata, think again, amigo.

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Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith

This bucket list is terrible...I can't see myself doing most of these things, ever.

Cam Hewitt
Cam Hewitt

Haha, doing this tonight with some free tickets!

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