Greg Abbott Set for "Major Announcement" Sunday

This is the face you'll be seeing all day Sunday.
Members of Greg Abbott's campaign have confirmed that the attorney general, widely considered to be a favorite as Texas's next governor, is set for a "major announcement regarding his political future" on Sunday. The announcement will take place on Plaza Juarez in San Antonio at 1 p.m. -- one week after Governor Rick Perry announced, in the same city, that he wouldn't be running for re-election.

Abbott will likely be announcing his candidacy for governor, but spokesman Matt Hirsch only confirmed to Hair Balls that Abbott's announcement will be "major." The attorney general is currently sitting on a war chest of at least $18 million in campaign contributions.

A straw poll of the Press's office found that it is unlikely Abbott will be running for our open managing editor position.

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wrenken1 2 Like

The guy is a real winner.  He wanted to get rid of the Americans with Disabilities Act, yet he received a ten million dollar judgement.  Then he pushes through tort reform.  He got his, you will never be able todo the same.  He is a real asshole


Well, at least if he's governor he won't be referring to himself as "General Abbott" anymore.

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