Get Your Week Started Off Right! Dwight Howard Rally POV Instagram Video!

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From there, Dwight and the army of seven footers took the party outdoors to a rally of sweaty, sticky Rocket fans waiting to get a glimpse of the train back to relevance. Twenty years ago, the spiritual connection with the crowd would have been conveyed in words and waves and a few high fives.

But it's 2013. These days, the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between an athlete and a city starts with a tweet and a POV video bite on that athlete's Instagram account!

I'm sure for many of the red-clad Rocket fans at the rally on Saturday, that was one of the greatest steam baths they've ever had.

Dwight Howard is a Rocket! He loves us! We love him!

And that's all great. In a league with LeBron James, where there are so few good answers to the question "How can we win an NBA championship?", the Rockets have seemingly secured one of the best answers to that question. Time will tell if it's a correct answer.

My only word of caution is this: Before you go giving your "sports fan's heart" unconditionally and pledging your undying loyalty to Dwight Howard, watch the videos below. They're Dwight's introductory press conference in Los Angeles 11 months ago, a smile-filled verbal confetti shower of the words "fun" and "happy," followed by his post season presser where eight months later, he deemed 2012-13 a "nightmare."

The dynamic is most certainly different in Houston going forward than it was in Los Angeles last season (and would have been in LA going forward). Dwight is better positioned for success individually, as a team, mentally, physically, everything, in Houston than he would have been in Los Angeles.

But nothing is certain. The honeymoon's begun, soon it'll be over, and it'll be time to go to work.

The road to relevance -- championship level relevance -- began Saturday.

We hope.

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Guys with insane talent who also happen to be insane make imposing enforcers. Enforcers are often the last piece to a championship team. Houston needs an enforcer to defend Howard after he's arm hacked by guys trying to rip his labrum in two pieces. This is why Aldridge is not the ideal fit. He's too gentle.

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