UPDATED: Cyclist Killed When Struck by Metro Train Monday Morning

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Photo by Jeff Balke
New light-rail construction in downtown Houston.
Update: According to Chron.com, eyewitnesses say the woman who was killed by the Metro train was riding down the tracks. One witness reportedly yelled at her to get off the tracks before she was struck by the train.

Original Post: Details are still just trickling out, but according to multiple media reports, a woman on a bicycle was struck and killed by a Metro train around 8 a.m. this morning at the intersection of Main and Walker Street in downtown.

Initial reports are that she may have been pulled under the train after being struck.

As someone who frequently rides his bike in downtown Houston, I can attest that the threat from trains, cars, pedestrians and all other manner of impediment makes it risky business.

We'll have more as word becomes available.

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Trains aren't risky.  Trains follow a prescribed path, and these have signals.  They're totally predictable . . . if you're paying attention.  If you can't control a bike well enough to ride around the Metro, then walk it until you're somewhere safer.

Kylejack topcommenter

Update per Chronicle says she was crossing rather than riding down the tracks.

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