Biogenesis Scandal: Aaron Rodgers Vouches for the Wrong Guy...Ryan Braun

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"Who's more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" -- Obi-Wan Kenobi, a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away)

I'm not sure there are any fresh angles left with respect to steroids and Major League Baseball, and in particular Ryan Braun.

Braun cheated, cheated profusely, for God only knows how many years, got caught, lied some more, got a reprieve on a technicality, got ratted out by Anthony Bosch of Biogenesis, realized he was cornered and then reluctantly copped to it only after getting jacked up with a 65-game suspension.

Sure, there were Braun-specific wrinkles...

There was the aforementioned reprieve Braun got on the first attempt at suspending him, when he dragged the handler of his specimen, a regular dude named Dino Laurenzi, through the mud in career-killing fashion to the point where Major League Baseball couldn't overcome the slightest of slight (barely) reasonable doubt that Braun was and is a PED abuser.

There's the fact that the Milwaukee Brewers, the middliest of middle-market Major League Baseball teams, are on the hook for another seven years of Braun at an astounding total of $113 million.

Consider that even non-roided power hitters tend to drop off at around age 34 or so, and then consider that these seven years cover Braun from ages 31 through 37. Braun's PED use has completely put an entire franchise in harm's way. Ironically, the Brewers would have been much better off overpaying and investing in big, fat, chunky ass Prince Fielder than the artificially sculpted Braun.

Buyer beware, I guess.

But beyond those small nuances, Braun's story is no different from those of any of the other bloated PED freaks of the last two decades whose tales all begin with a syringe and end in some sort of insincere statement issued by their publicists.

The only thing separating Ryan Braun from Rafael Palmeiro is a finger wag.

The checks all still clear.

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