Bikinis, Boobs, BBQ, Carmen Electra and, Hey, Did We Mention Boobs?!

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Bikinis "opens" July 13....heh...
Fans of music, food and boobs -- i.e., every living human being -- are in for a real treat with the Saturday grand opening of the town of Bikinis, Texas. The little piece of paradise outside Fredericksburg was named by ATX Brands founder Doug Guller, the visionary behind the "breastaurant" chain Bikinis. Apparently, Guller was able to tap into a genius marketing concept so unique that no one had ever before thought of it: a complex algorithm represented by the formula B+(OO)B-S.

Boob owner Carmen Electra will "make breast imprints in bronzed bikinis for her placement as the first Bikinis Hall of Fame inductee," according to a press release, which also touts a performance by Jerry Jeff Walker, who we're pretty certain does not have boobs.

The $5 admission fee also gets you the opportunity to check out a bikini contest (duh), a meet-and-greet with the aforementioned Miss Electra, a raffle and vittles from Black's Barbecue.

Of course, there's often collateral damage in the wake of such progress, and our sister paper the Dallas Observer wrote about a longtime resident who says she was evicted to make way for Guller's purchase of the 1.6 acres dubbed Bikinis.

But hey, it sounds like a fun party nonetheless, and how often does one get the chance to meet Carmen Electra?

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johnnybench topcommenter

Is that the same Carmen Electra of Baywatch fame or just somebody with a similar name?  That's actually pretty low on the list of things I don't understand about this venture.  


@Sam Samson I have no problem explaining them to my wife.  She's over 40, bodybuilds, is confident and sexy and probably trains all the girls that work in this joint.  I get the best of both worlds.

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