Biggest Loser v 8.0 -- This Ridiculous Arkansas Football Fan

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The Internet and technology in 2013 are awesome.

I mean, who would have thought a decade ago that we would have the capability of gazing into our very own video camera (on our phones, no less!), busting out an a capella rendition of a homemade ode to our favorite college football team and then uploading it to our very own Web channel so that viewers everywhere could destroy us give us feedback?

It's an amazing time we live in. Never have your 15 minutes of fame been more available to you, and in so many forms, than today.

However, for some people, the Internet and all its accoutrements can be a loaded gun, which brings us into our latest entry on my Biggest Loser list, which frankly is just a few entrants away from being its own bona fide Hall of Fame.

Just a refresher (with links!) to previous winners of this glorious "Hair Balls" distinction:

Biggest Loser, v 1.0 -- Brewer Lawn Ornament Hoarder

Biggest Loser, v 2.0 -- (Then-) Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams

Biggest Loser, v 3.0 -- Luther Campbell

Biggest Loser, v 4.0 -- Jeff Toole

Biggest Loser, v 5.0 -- Washington Wizards Chris Singleton

Biggest Loser, v 6.0 -- Tattooed Yankee Fan Carlos Sturgus

Biggest Loser, v 7.0 -- Tyreke Evans

Which brings us to our latest "honoree"...America, meet Wesley Wells! (Not to be confused with former Carolina Panthers tight end and underrated fantasy threat Wesley Walls.)

Wesley is an Arkansas Razorback football fan, this much is obvious. He's a really, really big Arkansas Razorback fan, and apparently an even bigger fan of new Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema. So big a fan, in fact, that he is paying the highest completely unacceptable tribute that one man can pay to another -- a public YouTube video of him singing a tribute song to Bielema, who, mind you, is 0-0 right now as Arkansas head coach.

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Brian Davis
Brian Davis

i couldnt make it through the whole video. smh

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