BAZINGA! Rockets Fan, Actor Jim Parsons Sends Video Message to Dwight Howard

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Hey, Mr. Howard, you listening?
Maybe Dwight Howard wasn't interested in Slim Thug's pitch of strippers and cheap cribs. If not, maybe he'll listen to an Emmy winner and a serious basketball fan. Jim Parsons, who grew up in Houston and performed in local theater groups before moving to LA and making it big on Big Bang Theory, is a HUGE Houston Rockets fan. He is visible whenever the Rockets play the Lakers in Los Angeles and frequents games in Houston when he is home.

So, it should come as no surprise that a video of the actor popped up on Daryl Morey's YouTube feed this morning, complete with his own pitch to Dwight Howard. In this case, it was all about basketball and how important the center position is to the team. He also believes no other city, fan base or team could better support his postion. We don't disagree.

Here's hoping Howard is watching and it makes a difference.

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WestSideBob topcommenter

Maybe Royce will change his behavior in the attempt to team up with Dwight ?  #doubtit


I was going to suggest he set up D12 with Kaley Cuoco...but it seems to not matter any more.

Amy McMullen
Amy McMullen

Yep! It takes the right formula to make a winning team, Dwight Howard we need you! I support that effort.

Marshall Falcon
Marshall Falcon

Knock knock knock....Dwight.......knock knock knock......Dwight.........knock knock knock......Dwight.

Tommy Leicht
Tommy Leicht

I love The Rockets..Dwight Howard, not so much. He can go somewhere else.

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