What Does Pink Actually Camouflage? MyPlates Releases Girly Camo Texas Plate

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Those crazy folks at MyPlates.com have done it again. Just when you thought they were done coming up with wacky designs for you to slap on the back of your vehicle, they show up with a pink camouflage license plate. It's like you're preparing for an adorable battle involving unicorns, rainbows and AR-15s, which, by the way, sounds AWESOME!

They already had a traditional green camo plate, though I'm surprised they haven't pulled it from inventory. After all, being that it is camouflaged, I'm surprised police can see it, which could make their jobs very difficult. Ahem.

On the more serious side, the camo plates benefit Carry the Load, an Austin-based veterans' charity. So, buying a camo plate, pink or otherwise, will help support our veterans and that's a good thing.

So, head on over to MyPlates.com and pick up a lovely pink camouflaged plate to support our veterans and make you the cutest damn Hummer on the cul-de-sac.

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Laugh now, but when we invade Candy Land you'll be lucky we have pink camo.

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