A T-Rex, an Investigation, and #SitDownWendy - Catching Up With the Filibuster Fallout

Get this woman a chair.
Forty-eight hours after Sen. Wendy Davis began the Great Texas Abortion Filibuster, the state has gathered its breath. Having spent nearly a full work day suffering through the largest Democratic victory Texas has known in years, Gov. Rick Perry promptly overrode Davis's efforts -- knowing the tea party, the man has to cover his right flank -- and called for a second 30-day special session, set for July 1.

But the filibuster fallout wasn't simply the right wing gathering itself and wondering how things could have slid so far. It wasn't simply a regrouping. While Perry's decision was easily the most important news of the day, he wasn't the only one to offer his thoughts on Davis's performance.

Indeed, it seems Davis's show -- seen by nearly 200,000 online, and sufficiently popular enough that the doors of the Capitol remained barred to prevent more on-lookers from rushing in -- was worthy of perhaps the finest modern political canonization we know of. The famed Taiwanese animation company, NMA TV, decided to reenact Davis's efforts in the best way they possibly could. We'll let the video, replete with a T-Rex, low-riders, and trenchant demographic commentary, speak for itself:

Of course, not everything that came out of yesterday's fallout was as light-hearted as the animated ghost of Ann Richards cheering Davis along. As we noted earlier, one of the easy winners of the entire filibuster coverage was social media, with an especial focus on Twitter. There are theses aplenty written about the Democrats' advantages on social media in organization, but, based purely on participation, Davis's filibuster made it that much clearer who actually uses Facebook and Twitter. The senator's speech, and the reactions online, made the generational and intellectual gap between the parties that much starker. #StandWithWendy remained atop Twitter's trend list longer than anything out of Texas since Perry's "Oops" moment.

But now that the filibuster is through, it seems the GOP, both on state- and national scales, has determined that the best rebuttal isn't any form of positive messaging or social media re-education. Rather, they've determined that the best response is to put Wendy in her place:

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Tish Squish
Tish Squish

Lori Yezzi watch the animated video in the article.


Love how the women jumped on #SitDownWendy, with great hilarity, but later I went spelunking for evidence that the TX GOP was originally behind it, and couldn't find any.  So have to wonder if they're getting a bad rap here, not that I mind.  Second, while I hoped that someone would smoke out the data-changing culprit(s)  (most systems keep an audit trail showing all changes to system data -- who and when), somewhere I picked up that in the wee-hours deal negating the vote, the Dems agreed not to press this point.  

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