Weather Week: Hot and Dry, but Rain May Be On the Way and Our First Tropical Disturbance?

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When it finally decides to heat up around here, it doesn't mess around. Temperatures this week have been inching into the lower 90s and will continue on that pace right up until the weekend. Shockingly, we had a late-season cool front push through the area on Sunday. It brought with it a nice dose of rain and a few thunderstorms. While Houston isn't exactly floating away, we are in fairly good shape thus far. Only a sliver of northern Harris County is still in moderate drought conditions. The rest of us are either normal or "abnormally dry." Uh...moving on.

As high temperatures rise, low temps will do the same and those upper 60s and lower 70s in the mornings will be few and far between. Expect the heat in morning and during the day to continue right up until Friday, when things could change.

A weak cool front is forecast to move into the area Friday and it looks like it could produce rain right through the weekend. Forecasters aren't quite sure how it will shake out yet, but the Houston area stands a good chance of some rain between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. For the time being, our rain chances are still a relatively low 40 percent on Friday and less through Sunday, but that could change.

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