The Tim Tebow Caveat: We Can Discuss Him If It Relates to Gambling (Tebow Odds!)

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Did I spend a couple thousand words lamenting the Tebow Circus Conundrum yesterday in this space? I believe I did.

Did I laud Bill Belichick's terse responses to any question Tebow-related and his uncanny ability to defuse the Tebow hoopla before it even has a chance to get out of first gear? Why yes, in fact, that happened.

Did I even go so far as to accept blame on behalf of the media, admittedly taking one for other media members who are much more Tebow-centric (and frankly, self-centric) than I, for our mind-set of what constitutes "news" as pertains to Tebow? Indeed, I did.

So why, WHY then am I following up that post less than 24 hours later with another post about one Timothy Tebow?

Well, GAMBLING, that's why!

This discussion of Tebow just one day after I said we shall speak of him no more is acceptable under the Pendergast Corollary, which clearly states, and I quote:

"Any topic, even the most mundane, repetitive, tedious, mind numbingly stupid and monotonous of topics, are acceptable to continue discussion upon if it relates either directly or indirectly (preferably directly) to gambling in any shape, form, or fashion."

So with that in mind, we give a tip of the hat to the good folks at who, before Tim Tebow could even throw the first short hop of his Patriots mini camp career to some undrafted free agent wide receiver, had already posted the mathematical speculation on how it would all go down for ol' Timothy.

Here are the specific proposition bets, with my selection for each one (preceded by "SP:"), along with a brief aside on how this impacts my breakfast bet with my co-host John Granato (because I know all of you care deeply!):

Tim Tebow - Will he make the Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster?

Yes -400 (1/4)
No +250 (5/2)

SP: If it were virtually any other team, the odds would be drastically skewed closer to balance on both sides, because 1) not many coaches can squelch the perpetually ticking media bomb that surrounds Tebow quite like Belichick can (Have I mentioned that I wrote about this yesterday?) and most of the other coaches would probably say "Fuck this" after a couple weeks of training camp and 2) unlike Rex Ryan, Belichick is someone who will actually get a little freaky, get a little crazy and deploy Tebow using non-conventional methods (see: Vrabel, Mike).

(NOTE: Does anyone else see the irony of the coach who played a cop in foot fetish videos being the one who was unable to get wild and freaky with his gimmick quarterback play calling, and monotone Belichick being the "play calling deviant"? Crazy, right?)

So, yes, I think Tebow makes the team. (The team was selling his jersey already yesterday, so, yeah...) I do think -400 is a little rich, though. Gun to the head, I'd put a teeny tiny bit on him making it.

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