Former Texans WR David Anderson Officially Retires and Then Commits to USC

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Going back to August 2007, when 1560 AM was started, in our early days as 1560 The Game (long before our radio plastic surgery that transformed the station into 1560 Yahoo! Sports Radio), we used to do some pretty off-the-wall stuff on the air. At that time, our content certainly resonated and changed the way the other 50 billion sports stations in town approached radio.

It put everyone on their creative toes.

I think those first couple years we were in existence were still the most fun that I've had in any job, and if I look back at the eight or ten most memorable moments from the show I did with John Harris during that time, I'm pretty sure former Texans wide receiver David Anderson was involved in half of them.

A few examples:

There was the time in 2008 during election season that my former co-worker (and all-around good guy) Raheel Ramzanali organized a Texans Election, with the offense and the defense each being represented by presidential and vice presidential candidates: David Anderson and Joel Dreessen for the offense, and Tim Bulman and Anthony Weaver for the defense.

The campaign was one of the most complete and funny episodic pieces of radio comedy ever concocted, playing out over a period of weeks with on-air vignettes from each candidate trashing the other side and interviews from Reliant each week. It all culminated with a live town hall style debate at a local watering hole live on the radio. All four guys were hilarious and amazing in their roles, and the result was one of the funniest nights of radio ever:

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By the way, Bulman won the election (which was conducted on 1560's Web site) by a 54-46 percent margin, if I remember correctly.

There was the time that same season that D.A. told the story of his mom catching him in a lie back in his freshman year of high school, and as punishment she showed up at his school unannounced in a full-body pig costume and gave out cookies to all the students while wearing a sign that said "MY SON IS DAVID ANDERSON AND HE'S BEEN A BAD LITTLE PIGLET."

Shortly after he told us that story, over the holidays, D.A.'s mom came into town to visit him, and she actually came into the studio wearing the pig costume and took pictures with all the 1560 employees. Oh, she also brought cookies. The whole incident actually spawned its own hit single:

Check this out on Chirbit

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I did some autograph sessions with him in his rookie year when he was still on the practice squad. Really nice guy and funny too. 


David Anderson was my favorite Texan.  I wish him well.

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