Water Taxi Service Returns to Corpus Christi (Who Needs Venice?)

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Photo courtesy of the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority
The "Sundance" is Corpus Christi's new water taxi
Tapping into the same urge that's lured tourists for centuries to the gondolas of Venice, Corpus Christi is getting back into the water taxi business. No word yet on whether there will be singing from the water taxi operators as they ply their trade from one side of Harbor Bridge to the other.

"This is a very simple operation, and it complements one that's in place with the city right now that moves tourists through a couple of the venues downtown," Director of Port Operations and Harbor Master Tony Alejandro told Hair Balls.

He said the concept is to move passengers from the south side of the ship channel across the water and to the north side of the channel -- or from the Texas State Aquarium to the Solomon P. Ortiz International Center, and vice versa.

"It basically provides connectivity between venues on the south side of the channel and the north side," Alejandro said.

The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority already has a functioning ferry, and officials expect the two transportation systems to work together. RTA Director of Marketing Jane Haas told Hair Balls that due to existing dock arrangements, ferry passengers could not debark at the Ortiz Center dock. The water taxi will fill that gap.

"We have it set up so that passengers can transfer between the [water taxi and ferry] at no additional cost to them," Haas said. "The idea is that they can move seamlessly between the vessels and therefore between the Bay Front venues and the North Beach venues."

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