NBA Finals: Give Houston What It Wants, Rashard Lewis Vs T-Mac

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We interrupt this widespread panic over LeBron James's possibly being human (and this widespread panic....and this widespread panic....) for a request.

Oh, wait a second...Gary Neal just hit another three...okay, continuing...

We interrupt this widespread panic for a request....

Damn! Danny Green just hit another three!

Okay, Gary, Danny, we get it. You don't get this stage very often, and the two of you were glorious last night in the Spurs' 36-point blowout of the Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Spraying heat checks from every corner of the building, both of you. Fine, I'll recognize. Before my request to the basketball gods, here are all thirteen -- THIRTEEN! -- of Gary Neal's and Danny Green's three pointers, rapid fire style:

Here are Neal's trifectas...

...and Green's gaggle of goodies...

It's worth mentioning that every team in the league could have had either of these guys about ten times over. Neal was undrafted in 2007, played in Turkey, Spain, and Italy before finding a home in San Antonio. Green was drafted in the second round and cut by the Cavaliers before the start of the 2010-2011 season (the first season post-LeBron, so he was cut by a soon to be awful Cavaliers squad).

Is there a team in sports with a better sense of self, with a clearer awareness of their identity, and a nose for finding players/people that fit that identity than the Spurs? Name one. It's not even close.

Ok, now that the barrage of Spurs' role player threes appears to have died down, here is my request to both teams and to the basketball gods:

Two of the first three games in these Finals have been blowouts, they were OVER with anywhere from six to ten minutes still to go in the game. So if this is how it's gonna be, if the only close game we are gonna get is the Parker Circus Shot game, if we are going to be emptying benches with nearly an entire quarter left, then on behalf of Houston, please have the other eight players on the floor clear out so that we can get what everybody truly wants to see -- RASHARD LEWIS and TRACY MCGRADY going one on one!!

Yes, Houston, Elsik's own Rashard Lewis and former Rocket, Tracy McGrady!!

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