Two White Jasper Cops Fired After Video Shows Them Roughing Up a Black Woman -- Inside the #@!@$$ Police Station!

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Even THIS guy thinks those cops were out of line.
Two white Jasper police officers have been fired after security camera footage -- from inside police headquarters -- showed them slamming a black woman's head against a countertop during an argument last month.

The lawyer for Keyarika Diggles told Yahoo News that the 25-year-old Diggles was brought to the jail for an unpaid $100 fine. The video, which has no sound, shows Diggles speaking on the phone, ostensibly to ask her mother to bring the money, when Officer Ricky Grissom cut off the call.

Jasper City Councilman Alton Scott "obtained the video of the Diggles incident and turned it over to a local TV station after he heard that her written complaint against the officers was apparently being ignored," according to the Yahoo story.

In the video, Diggles looks upset after Grissom cuts off the call, and the two exchange what we can only guess are less than polite talking points. That's when Cunningham comes in, and the two dudes wind up slamming her head against a counter in the process of wrestling her to the ground. One of the cops then tries to pull off Diggles's shoe, but succumbs to the overwhelming inertia and goes flying backwards, like in a cartoon. It's awesome.

The Jasper City Council terminated the officers Monday and then "requested that the pair be investigated for possible criminal charges," according to the Yahoo story. (If only they could be charged for felony stupidity for pulling this crap in front of a security camera.)

We left messages for Diggles's attorney, Cade Bernsen, and for a representative of the Jasper Police Department.

Video on the next page.

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Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia

I'm sure a security job is the next move....keep movin


Not condoning the officers, however I suspect audio would shed some light on the actions.  I know as a white male if I mouth off to officers I'm getting my butt kicked...


The cop doesn't try to pull off her shoe (why would he do that?), but rather drag her into the cell; which, I also believe is not protocol, but like these cops read the manual.

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