When Match.com and eHarmony Aren't Working, Maybe You Need FarmersOnly.com (w/Video)

When old Farmer Fred needs a young filly to plow his fields, he visits FarmersOnly.com.
In today's proof that there is literally a Web site for every purpose, we bring you FarmersOnly.com. When you're just plum tuckered out looking for a date among city slickers and you need a girl who can milk a cow as quick as she can shuck some corn (if ya know what I mean), this is allegedly the place for you, cowboy.

If you haven't seen their commercials, well, they are pretty damn amazing. Perhaps not high on production value, they certainly are fun to watch. Here's a selection.

This was apparently one of the first. I mean, just look at those farmers out there picking corn and harvesting something. Poor Jill wandering the dried-up old cornfields all alone. Then there's Dave, that poor bastard. No one to talk to but their talking animals. Sigh. Wait, what?

This one is a take on the Dodge "Farmer" commercial, which is clever but still a little sad.

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MadMac topcommenter

What--exactly--are they growing out there?

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