False Alarm: No Fire Here, Officer, Just $4 Million Worth of Weed

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There is unrest in the forest...there is trouble behind the trees.
You know, juvenile delinquents these days are a real problem. First, their egging or toilet-papering your house. Next, they're setting bags of poo on fire on your porch. But the most egregious of their infractions include false fire alarms. They pull them in school and maybe even call them in to fire stations. It is the last week of school for most kids. Coincidence? We think not.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a house in the Lake Cypress Estates subdivision in northwest Harris County on Wednesday. They were told there was a fire and maybe even some shots fired. When they got there, no fire. I mean, come on! How disappointed those deputies must have been that they had to drive way out there and no fire. So frustrating.

Did I mention that they went inside to check for victims and found over 1,000 marijuana plants?

I suppose $4 million worth of weed is a decent consolation prize, but I'm still pissed at the little bastards who pulled this stunt. These deputies could be doing real police work instead of chasing down the boy who cried wolf.

Anyway, the house at 13511 Lindsay in Cypress was rented and plants were spread throughout the house and the garage. No arrests were made and the case is under investigation by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force.

Let's hope someone looks into the prank caller too and boxes that little rapscallion's ears!

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Sounds more like an adult who know about this weed, and was worried enough to call. Goofy.

Vanessa Man
Vanessa Man

Prank calling is not a new thing. It happened when I was a kid too. At least this time it conducted to a positive finding. Not exactly what they were expecting, but in the end the results were positive. Perhaps it was the way to get back at someone. And by the way, kids are not the only ones that do prank calls. There are some adults who never grow up too.

Erin Lucas
Erin Lucas

What a goddamn travesty! What's wrong with the youth of today? If these youngsters had any sense they'd be enjoying that sweet Texas cheeba and hitting up a Whataburger!

Down Shift
Down Shift

Dumbass. prank calling about something not really happening but getting urself in trouble while doing it. FAILURE

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