Citizens Climate Lobby Wants to Tax Carbons, Cut Everybody Checks

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A revenue neutral tax on all carbon fuels?
While President Obama was making a big speech on climate change on Tuesday afternoon at Georgetown University, somewhere in Washington D.C. a lobbyist group was talking with members of Congress, congressional aides and anyone else who would give a listen about the tax the group is lobbying for, a proposed federal tax on carbons right as they come out of the ground. (They're holding the conference at Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, but it's more fun to make it sound all mysterious.)

The Citizens Climate Lobby is in D.C. all week holding a conference to lobby for the group's big idea - a federal "revenue neutral tax" to be levied on things like oil and natural gas and coal, right as they come out of the ground.

Richard Bradley, the regional coordinator for Texas and Oklahoma, based in Houston, said they are pushing for this tax as a way to raise the prices of fossil fuels across the board so that renewable energy sources become more competitive. While the tax would make things like gasoline more expensive, the revenues would be delivered back to the public to balance this out, Bradley said.

"Our pie in the sky way of doing it is to have the money dispensed as a check," Bradley said.

His organization has been working to get support for this issue since it was founded in 2007. Now they have 102 chapters across the country, with volunteers working to build support for the idea of the tax at the grassroots level and with the government representatives in each U.S. district, Bradley said.

"What we're hoping to do is to make the price of renewables more competitive with fossil fuels. We believe there are negatives that are not being captured by our price at the pump," Bradley said.

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