Bill Belichick on Tim Tebow: "We've Already Talked Enough About Him."

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"We've already talked enough about him, I think I've covered it. Anything else?" -- Bill Belichick on Tim Tebow, three minutes into his press conference Tuesday morning

Hear, hear!

As Tim Tebow sat on the shelf for the last several weeks, discarded by arguably the worst and most dysfunctional team in football, the buzz dying around the misfit toy of NFL quarterbacks, the rhetoric on his future has been that there was no place for him in the NFL.

No place for his narrow, ultra-specific skill set, and far more than that no place for the circus that seemingly follows Tebow wherever he goes.

Well, in roughly 180 seconds of press conference and in about a dozen words, with questions about Tebow bouncing off of him like hollow point bullets ricocheting off of Superman, Bill Belichick made it clear:

The circus may try to come to town, but they will get no resources, no free advertising, no nourishment feeding the beast.

In his first press conference since agreeing with Tim Tebow on a two-year deal (no guaranteed money, that's key), Belichick gave an impromptu lesson to the civilized world in how to handle Tebow-mania, and it was quite frankly the same way that Belichick handles every other mania, controversy, situation or simple question:

Speak softly, speak little, give them nothing, make it all about the team.

It's really not that hard.

With Tebow a few days away from spending mini-camp figuratively fouling pitches off on his third strike in the league, for Belichick to begin his press conference Tuesday disdainfully shrugging off the Tebow questions before squelching them altogether about three minutes in was both logical and welcomed.

With every subsequent, repetitive Tebow question, the horde of reporters at Patriots headquarters sounded more and more ridiculous. Finally, when some clod decided to ask Belichick if he had a problem with Tebow praying after touchdowns (complete with a gratuitous explanation of the phrase "Tebowing," as if Belichick had been in carbon freeze since 2010), Belichick had had enough:

"We've already talked enough about him," Belichick said. "I think I've covered it. Anything else?"

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Sean, you forgot to mention that he's saving himself for marriage in describing him.


Good writing about good perception of the "We ARE the Tebow circus!"

Uniquely, Bill Belichick is the only admirable, successful person who would NOT be a good seatmate on a long flight. The chill when he declined to chat freely would require a seat blanket, and I've got a feeling that even trying to get him drunk and gossipy would backfire.

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